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Presenting around the world

Our consultants are often asked to give presentations and talks at various arboricultural events around the world, this year is looking very busy.

In February Jeremy presented at the inaugural International Seminar on Arboriculture in Pune, Maharashtra, India.  He was hosted by Vaibhav Raje of Green Kings

 On 1st May Jeremy will be presenting at the Arboricultural Association East Anglia Branch Spring Seminar.  He will be discussing highway tree inspections and his interpretation of the duty of care and what that might look like.

Later in May Phil Brophy will be going with Jeremy  to speak at the 17th National Arboricultural Congress in Madrid, Spain.

Its then Dave Cashman's turn, he is heading off to Australia to present at the Arboriculture Australia Annual Conference where he will be covering covering retaining trees on construction sites and managing large roots within the excavation envelope.

We finish the first half of the year with Jeremy presenting a seminar on highway tree inspections at the Arboricultural Association Scottish Branch


Jeremy with Vaibhav Raje (left in photo) of Green Kings on his way to attending the first Arboriculture Seminar in Pune.

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